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Ty as a result of ease with which recruiters could (and did
Ty due to the ease with which recruiters could (and did) adhere to up with recruits to figure out who did or did not participate. After each week, participants could obtain their 0 payment for each and every of their coupons that had been redeemed. Study employees employed strict protocols to defend participants’ confidentiality, in no way disclosing which peer had participated or which coupon was redeemed. On the other hand, with only three coupons to hand out, and with recruiters’ careful choice of possible participants and potential to follow up with peers, it becomes relatively straightforward for recruiters to find out regardless of whether or not somebody participated inside the study, while their belief may be wrong occasionally. This might decrease peers’ feelings of autonomy and heighten perceptions of danger or potential social repercussions if they make a decision later not to redeem the coupon. When recruits did stick to through and participate, they frequently described the reminders or other methods their recruiters utilized as useful and nonthreatening. Nevertheless, when a recruit didn’t follow by way of, recruiters would describeAuthor Manuscript Author Manuscript Author Manuscript Author ManuscriptInt J Drug Policy. Author manuscript; offered in PMC 206 September PubMed ID: 0.Mosher et al.Pagefeeling upset using the recruit. For example, a 37 yearold homeless white male (recruiter recruit) shared: I am actually surprised that at the very least among them didn’t show up… I was just a little pissed off about it originally for the reason that I would come right here thinkin’ that…I can’t wait till Tuesday I can purchase a pack of smokes or a thing and after that I get here …and the lady [didn’t come]….I was prepared to flip the plant over on the way out you know…I got stiffed entirely. In RDS, compensation is restricted by a fixed variety of coupons as a safeguard to discourage the emergence of semiprofessional recruiters who may well employ extra coercive recruiting procedures. Having said that, there may be unintended consequences of this safeguard, as fewer coupons may minimize confidentiality of these who participate and raise the risk of peer coercion. For instance, a 45 yearold PRIMA-1 site Latino homeless male (recruiterrecruit) said, “They say, effectively you want to go with me’ I say `nah, I do not will need to go with you. I’m gonna let you go by yourself…cuz I’ll discover when I go Tuesday in case you go there or not.'” A number of recruits observed arguments amongst recruiters and recruits, with 1 escalating into a physical fight. A 5 yearold Latino male (recruiterrecruit) stated: I observed the arguments over it. They fight over who gave it to him very first. `I told him 1st, he goes with my card.’ `No, no, no, he’s my buddy, it is my card.’ People today argue. They really fight over it. I observed fighting over it. Punch the guy. `That’s my fucking 0.’ I did not want no complications with nobody so the guy gave me this card the very first time I came. I went, I did it, suitable…So when I went back, I told the guy, `it’s all done and stated I did what you told me to accomplish, you’ll be able to go get your 0.’ I didn’t want no challenge with nobody. Observing this fight between recruiters had an influence on this recruit, growing his compliance to take part in the study as a way to stay away from related repercussions. Yet another recruiter, a 30 yearold Latino male (recruiterrecruit) shared: I had an argument with a single [recruit]. I stated, `Why you ask me for one particular coupon when you not going to the workplace and going to the interview’ I say, fuck that, I never going to fuck with you once again…that’s what I say… I told `em… next time, never.

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