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Out DNA fragmentation in spermatozoa respectively (Figure C).Ethical consideration All protocols were performed in line with the national institute of wellness guide for the care and use of laboratory animals (NIH Publications No revised).The applied protocols and animals’ ethics were authorized by the study council of ethical committee of Yazd investigation and clinical center for infertility and Islamic Azad University of Ashkhezar, Yazd, Iran.Statistical analysis For statistical evaluation, we made use of Statistical Package for the Social Sciences, version SPSS Inc, Chicago, Illinois, USA(SPSS).ANOVA and KruskallWallis tests have been utilised for comparison from the data in between distinct groups.The data have expressed as median (minmax) and the differences were statistically important at p.ResultsSperm parameters According to table I, while, the sperm count showed a decreasing trend in medium and high dosage groups when in comparison to low dosage and manage 1, nevertheless it was not statistically significant.Injection of MA decreased the price of progressive motility in medium and higher dosage groups but not in low dosage group (p.and p respectively; Table I).Also, nonprogressive motility and immotile spermatozoa were considerably improved in medium and high dosage groups in comparison with control and low dosage groups (p Table I).Typical morphology was drastically decreased in medium and high dosage groups in comparison to other groups.Sperm chromatin and apoptosis evaluations There was a significant raise in rate of AB and TB spermatozoa in higher dosage group in comparison with other folks.TA-02 Autophagy Furthermore, the rate of CMA sperm cells in medium and high dosage groups showed a significant increase when compared with handle group.In similar case, a substantial difference was observed amongst higher dosage group and others in AO, TUNEL and SCD (p p.and p.respectively) (Table II).Table I.Effect of distinctive doses of MA on sperm parameters and AR in miceGroups Sperm parameters Count (ml) Progressive motility Nonprogressive motility Immotile sperm Standard morphology AR Information are shown as median (min max).MA Methamphetamine Handle Low dosage . Medium dosage . High dosage . . PubMed ID: . pvalue ……AR Acrosome reactionTable II.Impact of distinctive doses of MA on sperm nuclear integrity and apoptosisGroups Handle Chromatin sperm assays AB TB . CMA AO TUNEL . SCD Information are shown as median (min max) as percentage.Low dosage . . Medium dosage . . . High dosage . . . . pvalue ……International Journal of Reproductive BioMedicine Vol..No..pp , MarchEffect of methamphetamine on sperm parametersFigure .A) Papanicolaou staining Normal (A), pin head (B), amorphous head (C), bent tail (D), coiled mid piece (E) types.B) AB staining Sperm head with immature nuclear chromatin is intense dark blue (AB) and sperm head with mature nuclei is light blue (AB).TB staining sperm cells with standard chromatin are light blue (TB ) and abnormal chromatin is dark blue (TB) ( magnification).ATUNELBAOCAOSCDTUNELSCDFigure .A) TUNEL assay Good apoptosis cells is brilliant florescent green (TUNEL) and adverse apoptosis cells is pale and opaque green (TUNEL).B) Acridine Orange test constructive AO cells are yellow (AO) and negative cells with standard DNA exhibited in green colour (AO).C) Sperm chromatin dispersion (SCD) test Major halo represents no DNA fragmentation (SCD ) and no halo and smaller halo show sperm with DNA fragmentation (SCD) ( magnification.

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